You are ready to build your dream bike! I never presume the client doesn’t have a preference in steel. The types of steel I work with are Reynolds (UK), Columbus (Italy) and Vari-Wall (US). All are very high quality and offer a range of tubing appropriate for nearly any bike. Stainless steel tubing is also a possibility.

Paragon Machine Works offers a vast array of exquisite framebuilding parts which are often used in the bikes I build. Take some time to browse the eye-candy over on Paragon to see what we can dream up.



There’s no getting around it, custom bike fabrication is time consuming. Under normal circumstances I’m at least a few months out on projects.

Once a deposit is made, your bicycle build will be put in que & we will stay in touch as the project moves forward.



While I specialize in belt drive, steel lugged, gravel bikes; I am excited to tackle any wild & wacky bikes you’ve conjured up.

Through email, phone &/or text we’ll wade through the process of getting your bike’s geometry, bracing & fit right for you.

Paint options are powder coating, liquid paint by PNW Artisans, & electroless nickel plating.



This is where buying a custom bike can become fiscally more appealing: I can work with bespoke component builders to lower the costs on goodies you just don’t find on out-of-the-box bikes.

Here are some brands I commonly work with:

WTB | Rockgeist | Rolf Prima |Paul Components | Chris King | White Industries | Project 321 | TRP | Gates

Much of the time, I will equip bikes with custom built wheels & framebags from the get-go.

Of course, you are welcome to purchase simply just a frame &/or fork.



To build your dream bike, simply contact me. Within a short window I’ll be able to quote you on both a cost & time frame for your bike build.

A minimum of $1,000 deposit is required to jump in the bike building que.


Fabricating a custom bike from scratch is an extremely personal endeavor, requiring a great deal of communication between frame builder & client.

This process requires patience, commitment & an eye for detail on behalf of all parties. The reward is a frame which will stand the test of time & be uniquely suited to your needs. Additionally, friendships are often born out of these shared experiences.

Collaborative Builds

REN Cycles Titanium

I work closely with our titanium-loving friends down in Portland. I am able to source REN titanium frames for you & build them up to your specific needs.

Ritchey Logic

Ritchey is one of the oldest names in the game & they’ve continued to pump out a variety of quality bikes over the years. If you see something on their site you’d like built up in a special way, give me a shout.