One Client | One Bike | One Vision at a Time

Uncompromising steel lugged & filet brazed bikes designed for any task.

Rugged Design Meets Race Quality & Elegance

Every bike I build is as unique as its rider, their dreams & ambitions.

Each Mahall frame is designed to endure the abuses specific to its intended use, while simultaneously allowing for unparalleled ride quality & performance.

Mahall bikes have been tested in downright nasty places. You’ll find Mahall bicycles in some of the most demanding races in North America & exploring backcountry locations sporting fully loaded bikepacking kits.

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Why Buy Handbuilt?

every detail crafted with love by a master artisan

 unparalleled customer support

ability to fully express your creative desires

lower component costs by working directly with manufacturers through us

supports local industry

build a relationship which will span a lifetime

don’t know what to look for in a bike? we’re here to help

Custom handbuilt bicycle frames made in Eastern WA. USA

An intrinsic love for the craft.

“A 30-year engineering career has included work in the special metals, aerospace, and nuclear industries. I have designed induction casting furnaces producing turbine blades, managed a titanium production plant, managed capital projects at an aluminum plant, supported fabrication and machine shops, and designed pumping and piping systems to transfer radioactive materials. The manufacturing processes and rigid quality requirements I have been immersed in have created skill sets and a mindset for uncompromising quality that transfers nicely into bicycle frame-building. My goals as a bicycle builder are simple…build cool bikes for cool people, build a business that sustains itself, and make some new friends along the way.” ~ Mark Mahall