Mahall Fatbike

A truly unique machine has been exploring Alaska over the last year now. The first Mahall fatbike is not only an odd duck among other Mahalls, but also sports geometry unlike any other Fatbike you’ll find out there.

With a belt drive and a wheelbase nearly as short as a Surly Steamroller, this rig is sure to turn heads and turn corners on a dime.

From urban assault to beaches, backcountry, packrafting and loads of icy singletrack; the Mahall Fattie is on a mission to test all that Alaska has to offer.

We’ll dissect the bike, its features and riding characteristics, along with other adventures it’s endured in more blogs to come. For this feature, we’re going to examine things through the lens of an interactive photo tour below.

Interactive content best viewed in fullscreen mode. Enjoy.

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