About me

Riding and working on bikes are some of my earliest memories and by age 7was disassembling and re-assembling bikes. My first serious bike was a Schwinn Varsity purchased new in 1977 with money earned from delivering newspapers and mowing lawns where I grew up in Eastern Oregon.

I was fortunate to grow up with a father with a well equipped metal and wood working shop. Dad was journeyman machinist and power plant mechanic and from an early age taught me proper use of shop tools and machinery. From the age of 6I had free reign over the shop as long as I did not get hurt or break stuff. He taught valuable life lessons about hard work, perseverance, and performing work details appropriately. The lessons learned from this early age and working with dad on his many projects helped immensely later in life.

A 30-year engineering career has included work in the special metals, aerospace, and nuclear industries. I have designed induction casting furnaces producing turbine blades, managed a titanium production plant, managed capital projects at an aluminum plant, supported fabrication and machine shops, and designed pumping and piping systems to transfer radioactive materials. The manufacturing processes and rigid quality requirements I have been immersed in have created skill sets and a mindset for uncompromising quality that transfers nicely into bicycle frame-building.

My goals as a bicycle builder are simple…build cool bikes for cool people, build a business that sustains itself, and make some new friends along the way.


Bicycles are an expression of our individuality, an art form, a utilitarian tool, and provide numerous outlets for activity and enjoyment. Only the automobile can rival a bicycle for how a machine connects with our daily lives. In my life a bicycle provides a distraction from the stresses of life and allows the mind and body to be refreshed.

As a designer I appreciate havingthe opportunity the match a bicycle design with a rider’s needs and desires. During design and construction I obsess over every detail and enjoy bringing the client into the process and hope to transfera little bicycle design knowledge along the way. This allows the rider to have greater appreciation of their machine and deepens their knowledge base so they can provide better input and feedback to me, hopefully on another project.

A custom bicycle project provides people a unique opportunity to express their individuality while enhancing their cycling interests. Custom bicycle designers and frame-builders match the rider’s interest with beautifully crafted machines which, with proper care, should last a lifetime and will possibly be considered an heirloom for another generation. Here are some of the reasons to buy handmade products,quoted from http://poppytalks101reasonstobuyhandmade.blogspot.com

Reasons to buy Handmade Products:
• Rewards creative thinking, entrepreneurship, and craftsmanship.
• You are supporting local artisans and craftspeople and not large big box stores.
• When you buy handmade you create a direct relationship with the artist or designer of the product.
• You can be proud knowing that you’re supporting small businesses.
• When you buy handmade you are getting something that is made with love by someone who loves what they do.
• Not only are you receiving a beautiful creation made with genuine love and care, but when you are by buying handmade, you are also supporting and BECOMING part of the dream of: freedom, financial independence, being in charge of your own moral compass, having a daily life's purpose, experiencing more joy, all as a result of doing work you truly love. There's nothing better.
• People don’t hand craft things just to make money. They’re not just the product of a slick R&D department for profit. They make things that involve years of learned skills, passion, enthusiasm, commitment and sincerity.
• Encourages independent thinking that breaks corporation's homogenizing tendencies.

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